Success Stories

Martine Hughes Pivot Success Story

Mar­tine Hughes explains how hard work and per­sist­ence paid off after she returned home from pris­on and got involved with Pivot. Pivot helps formerly incar­cer­ated women reclaim their lives, rejoin their fam­il­ies and rein­vig­or­ate their com­munit­ies.” www​.pivot​pro​gram​.org

Ed's Success Story

Ed Rogers describes how per­sist­ence paid off as he returned home after more than 20 years in pris­on. Ed par­ti­cip­ated in a pro­gram sponsored by Turn­around Tues­day whose mis­sion is to pre­pare return­ing’, unem­ployed, and under-employed cit­izens to reenter the work­force and take an act­ive role in trans­form­ing their com­munit­ies. www​.turn​aroundtues​day​.org.