Reenter. Recon­nect. Rebuild.

For all the ques­tions that may come up dur­ing the reentry pro­cess,​“Where do I start?” is one of the hard­est and most import­ant to answer. Return Home Bal­timore was cre­ated to be that start­ing point for return­ing cit­izens in Bal­timore City and Bal­timore County.

Even though only 1 in 10 Mary­land res­id­ents is from Bal­timore, as many as 1 in 3 people cur­rently incar­cer­ated in Mary­land are from Bal­timore City. These cit­izens face a num­ber of bar­ri­ers to resum­ing life and work when they fin­ish serving their time and return home. And if you’re a return­ing cit­izen your­self, you know there are many bar­ri­ers to over­come and hoops to jump through before you can get­ back to life and work.

That’s why Return Home Bal­timore was cre­ated — to provide return­ing cit­izens in Bal­timore with a cent­ral hub of resources and inform­a­tion. Wheth­er you’re look­ing for work or a place to rest your head, this portal can quickly lead you to inform­a­tion and organ­iz­a­tions that can sup­port you through your jour­ney. Learn more about who we are.


The resources provided in our portal reflect the most press­ing needs of many return­ing cit­izens at vari­ous stages of reentry:

Job Train­ing

Find pro­grams that provide the edu­ca­tion and job skills you need to return to the workforce


Get inform­a­tion on shel­ters, halfway houses, and rehab cen­ters that are open to formerly incar­cer­ated people

Gov­ern­ment IDs

Get or replace your birth cer­ti­fic­ate, social secur­ity card, and/​or photo ID


Search for degree pro­grams and classes in the Bal­timore area

Men­tal Health

Loc­ate clin­ics, hos­pit­als, and treat­ment cen­ters in Bal­timore that provide men­tal health services


Find free and afford­able food in and around Baltimore

Child Sup­port

Learn how to modi­fy child sup­port agree­ments to avoid extreme debt due to pay­ments missed while incarcerated

Addic­tion Services

Search addic­tion treat­ment cen­ters and sup­port groups in the area

Parole and Probation

Find parole and pro­ba­tion offices near you

Leg­al Aid

Get afford­able or free leg­al advice from a loc­al leg­al clinic

Join the fight become a resource provider